Any bets??? about cuckoo Trump???

They will have to take Trump out of the white house in a straight jacket…..

Any bets???

The center does not hold, when Russia has been in the white house since Reagan’s presidency…

Ever meet the KGB???

I did…

Welcome to Americas demise via evangelicals an Russia…


Howdy, Dudie? Time… I Remember…..

Should Dudie, be doodie???

Sometimes the brain injuries, impact my spelling and grammar… but I try hard to stay within some kind of structure, but not very successful….

Last night was an unwelcomed host of memories… and when I rolled out of bed, I thought, okay, this is going to be a crappy day, because my mood is south and definitely not north….

After coffee, watching the news an cluster fuck in DC…. I finally told hubby what I remembered about last night…. and when it’s in detail… it’s a memory, not a dream….

The “Bay of Pigs” was going down, Don (dad) was on remote assignement and the “The Boob” incident happened with my 6 year old sister…. my next memory picked up in 4th grade, repeating 4th grade… I don’t remember the 1st time at 4th grade… yep, I died and at the hands of mommy dearest Freda…. that is where the damage came from inside my throat, that they scoped years ago and told me… she strangled me and left the bruise marks on my neck for that school picture… way to go dumb ass……

Anyhow, I remember…. It’s weird how this works… my heart is racing just a tad, and I feel more tired than angry…. guess that is progress on repressed memories….

The agnst of all the health I’m dealing with because of the negligent VA… oh brother, am I glad I have this IQ and ability to understand medicine or I would be going to see the doctor….. I’m dealing with the issues, because there really isn’t anything they can do, but stick things down my throat or other places…. I’ll pass… I know it’s the adhesions and as long as the bowel works, I’m good… I know the drill, went thru it in the military and they nearly killed me, a year after discharge, emergency surgery at Yokota AFB…. another…. men in power protecting men in power…. much like what Trump has exposed, that I have bitched about, since my military time… 77 till now…

So, I welome the memories back into my little active grey cells and hope tonight, I’ll get some sleep… because the one memory I want to see….

The 2nd and last time I died…..

Sgt. USAF DAV I Remember… Margie and no, there is no family, heaven, hell or flowers when you die… just complete and total darkness… been there and done that twice at the hands of christians… now they are doing it to our nation….

CDC Meltdown is Trumpism at its best….

When you put christian yahoos in place of career civil servants….you get test kits for Covid19 that are worthless…

Want to see a nation decimated by religion…

Keep watching…..


Democracy, not Trumpism….

Not a clue what the debates give anyone!…..

I plan to vote based on genuine, honest an above all civil behavior….

I have no interest in labels like republicans, democrats, independents or socialists……

I have interest in evangelicals hiding in that closet they own an trying to drag the rest of America into that corrupt twisted closet called christianity…..

As a survivor of multiple rapes by christians…. being beat to death by christians, all before the age of 17…. My vote is not for the likes of those humans who hide behind labels, so they can say…. the rape of Mary was okay, because of the god they made up…..children are not fodder for a man made god…

but, not according to christians….its gods will….was that god man or woman???

I want a leader, who does not bow down to the fears of christians or any other religious dogma…. I want a leader who fights for humanity…….

Sgt USAF DAV I remember Margie, a survivor of rape an murder by christians….

What's Up??? other than the sky is falling per Trump….

PTSD…. when you live with it for decades, you miss it when it packs up and goes away… does it mean I’m cured??? Oh hell no… I still have suppressed memories and until those are out in the open… I’ll always have some hang up… just not as dramatic as Trumps theatrics….

Reason for the write… dreams…. I told hubby, when we got married over 25 years ago, I have never not dreamed and 9 times out of 10 the dreams are always the same, no deviation or change….

not any more……

They have changed, as with any closed head traumatic brain injury, symptoms can appear years, even decades later… mine is no different, except you can class me with sports injuries, because of the concussions that happend in house, by the sister and mother and after Texas… the father….

Now when I get dizzy and light headed, it’s not the after affect of all those head injuries… nope, it’s the herniated C5-6 that happened on Japan after the near death in Texas… I know this, because I’m EXERCISING…. not shouting… just yelling the word of the action I so dislike….

I still have a long way to go… I still have some anger to work out and I still have some past to reconcile… as for the last 35 years…. I still have a couple gaps in memory, but it has to do with marriage or health care, so the stroke was selective on what memories it smothered with blood on the brain….

Neuro says I should get my memories back and so far, he has been right… I see him again in April and hope to get some answers and find out if I need testing for stenosis in my vessels….. would explain why getting a vein is so hard, even for the best sticker… now I don’t feel the needle when they move it around in my arm to draw blood, trying to hit the vein…

I feel a little caged… because I know I need the implants and after this morning and the denture hitting that bone the Arkansas VA implanted… I got no choice, I nearly hit the floor, when I touched the bone…. oh yea….!~

I have no complaints… Trump and his fuck ups isn’t going to impact me or hubby… we are old enough, that we are grandfathered in for my benefits… I feel for those younger than us… history is repeating it’s self… and if you know history, you know benfits have been taken from veterans before….

I have no thoughts on christians or Trump… watching those in Nevada vote, said it all… people want change, and Trumps coins aren’t doing the trick…

I have faith in Americans…….

Sgt. USAF DAV I remember… Margie…

Self righteous failure….

Way to go christians, you allow children to be abused an brainwashed by your man made gods an now, you show the world how the boy scouts is part of your seduction of children….

When you believe good is based on a label like christian or boy scout….you will find a trail of tears of abuse in the name of mans man made god Jesus….

You can’t fix stupid, an frankly if it does, what are we going to laugh about???

Sgt USAF DAV Survivor of rape an attempted murder by christians….

Warm & Fuzzy, is a Head Fake…

They started out with telling us, that a child raped by an angel was okay and they have kept that story going through the ages… so much so, that when rape happens in the church, all to often… we are numbed to it… like we are with Trump and his bullying… it’s just part of life….???

What planet are you living on????

Affection or feelings are just emotions… and so hard for humans to control, they want to destroy life and control it… just look at China, N. Korea, Russia, and the list goes on and you can add America to that list… Why???

Because yahoos are telling women and LGBTQ people how we are suppose to live and behave according to their evangelical bull shit or white nationalist bull shit… you pick… I’m over it….

Nothing to write about, because, I’m just watching history repeat it’s self and this time… this moment in time… I’m taking advantage of what is to come…

Working on the house and property and hubby tried his new toy on the granite… it came out awesome… once done, it will look like the pro’s… and better than when we bought the house….

I’m doing a lot of ancestry… trying to clean up the errors, so what is uploaded to the world web tree, is as accurate as I know… still got lots to go through… massive family and massive tree….

I got a kick out of an interview on KITV4 with a doctor at Trippler… my suggestion, never interview her again… she made it sound like our “pre-conceived ideas about crappy care is not warranted”!!!! bite my ass lady, but I can prove our ideas are based on facts… so over lying federal employees… just look at Trump and his swamp…..

Health complaints, the list is endless… we shuffle around and do… we live… it just hurts to do said living… oh well….

Beautiful day for presidents day… confirmed George Washington is a cousin, VP Morton was a great granpa some time back…. and Taylor is in the mix some how as is Lee…. what a rich family history to explore….. and why do I do it???

Always trying to understand how a people can turn out to be such ugly christian human beings and beat a child to death, because she told the truth….

As I always say… knowledge is power…. if you aren’t afraid of the truth…..

Sgt. USAF DAV I Remember… Margie…

Space Basement in the Making….

Hubby shared my last blog post on twitter… I gots a feeling we ain’t in Kansas anymore Toto…. because people think the sky is falling… his post got that many hits in a matter of minutes, thousands….

On Japan back in the 80’s, I think around 85 or 86, we got hit with a nasty flu that was killing people… for some reason, I think the Avian flu had a connection…

Well I got that flu and the hospitals were full and they told people on the base, shelter in place… pretty much like they are doing now…. that was one long and very nasty flu… I never missed flu shots after that….

Back in 2011, when the H1N1 hit our area… as we were living on the Mexico border in New Mexico… which is why we know a wall is a waste of tax payer money, but, hey, those same evangelicals… are going to get the….. FLU….. boo…

Anyhow, we both ended up sick and we got our phneumonia shots, even though we were under 60 years old…. again, we don’t miss our flu shots…

Now everyone is freaking over this Covid19 virus…. and me, personally, I’m waiting to hear if the virus has mutated and which way did the mutation go…. I’m not worried about the virus… I’m worried about the virus changing….

I, like many who served in the military, am a prepper… and one subject we have been pursuing, a property with a basement, that can house, all we need, if necessary and we were talking about that when doing our mile… and I said….

I want a “Space Basement”, so that when these evangelical yahoos and N. Korea & Putin, end up pushing the button, because we won’t live the way they want…. I want a Space Basement…. so we gots a home in space…..

And we both busted up laughing…..

I was on Okinawa & Japan, during the Vietnam war and got exposed to things a child or young adult should not be exposed to… but that is what war does… it shows you the ugly side of life….

No different with this virus… people shunning asians and being vulgar and mental…. just shows that those who profess to believe in gods and superstions…. will cut your throat, to keep from meeting that god or superstition…..

Any opportunity to contain the virus went out the door, when the doctor was silenced in China… that is what controling all life does… leaves the decisions up to the ones who believe in gods and superstions or they pretend to believe, so they can control you….

It’s all about you can’t fix stupid, when you dumb the brain down with lies, gods and superstitions…. stupid has to want to fix it’s self and frankly, I don’t see that ever happening….. besides, we wouldn’t have anything to laugh about if they did fix it…. stupid that is….

Wash your hands, cover your mouth when you cough, wash your grocery bags and disinfect your vehicles with lysol, each time you go out among the population, do the same at home…. and be prepared to shelter in place for up to a month if this gets out of hand… and with leaders doing for themselves and not the people… expect this to get out of hand….

If our government was being run efficiently, I wouldn’t be concerned about it getting out of hand… this is the biggest cluster fuck in DC since the Civil war was fought over human ownership… both beyond stupid….it could very well be very deadly…. because evangelicals want to control women’s human rights in America…. yep, this should be an interesting year….

Sgt. USAF DAV I remember…. Margie….

Are you ready???

Groceries stocked up for hurricane season…. but with the Covid19 spreading, being stocked up just got a little more important….

The virus was on Oahu an will likely have an impact regardless of the person who had it…

The opportunity to control this virus, went down the toilet in Dec, when the dictatorship christians yearn for shut down the doctor who raised the alarm in Dec….. an when dictators who know all like Trump run a country in the ground, death will follow….

Now, will it play out an all the evil dies off an only those who don’t buy into gods an superstitions be left to repopulate the earth???

All kidding aside, only dictatorship causes this kind of problem an christians are fast becoming the slave owners of the 21st century….

Wish that damn space ship would come pick up those dumb ass’s…. or at least let the virus take them all out…hope springs eternal….

Sgt USAF DAV a survivor of rape an death, at the hands of Christians….. just waiting an watching for said christians to find themselves six feet under…. that is one grave I will happily dance on…. Boo….

Still missing memory….

I’ve read over a thousand books…. everything from history, biography’s, science fiction, romance, detective, psychology, neurology and I can’t tell you the story line of many of them… nada… zip… poof…..

I wrote a while back about the BBC TV series Midsomer Murders…. we bought all the DVD’s and watched… and a few years later we sat down to watch them again and I knew every story line and still do….

What does this mean???

If you know how we make memories and how they are stored, this makes sense for memory loss, due to strokes… not just one, but many strokes….

I knew when I confronted Freda in 2010, I was remembering… I was getting back the memories from my childhood and what I lost on Japan in 85 was back in my little grey cells and I had the surgery at El Paso VA Nov 2011 and I lost it all… everything…. and the chaos hit from all directions…. and the anger….

I asked for help and when I go back an look at what the El Paso VA wrote in my medical records… it wasn’t about helping me, it was about protecting the job and the facility…. and they put it in writing…. just wow… and we thought Trump was bad…. holy crap on a cracker are federal employees crooked…. not all, but my experience, about 45 % of them do criminal activity to protect their jobs or steal from the system…. an that is a fact…

It’s weird that the memory I’m missing is specific, like all the books I have read…. I haven’t read a book in 20 years…. and I used to read at least 1 or 2 a month… used too…. but I can remember the TV series in detail… each case study… I know the outcome…

Right now, it’s about dealing with the allergy to the dentures, I keep them in less than 10 hours a day and some of the symptoms are not as intense or so I thought and yesterday it was bad… all day long bad… so, it’s got to be more about chemistry than I understand…. and I have months of this ahead of me and months for it to get out of my system… oh yea for VA snail care….

Will I get the memories back that I’m missing… my adult years, I got to say yes… as for the injury to the brain in 1967 by blunt force trauma…. that one, the jury is still out on… I wasn’t any more closer to it, in 2010…. I think, but again, with the stroke at the El Paso VA… that threw a wrench into my recovery….

Neurology in April, an hope they can answer about the allergy being the seizure cause and answer some questions about what I have to look forward too, with strokes being a big part of my make-up…. and do I need cardiology involved with my life??? Appointments are made, in time, answers will come, maybe….

I know that I get memories back at the weirdest, or oddest moments of every waking and dreaming moment…. I find myself making a sound sometimes when they happen….

Brain injury, strokes…. memory loss or amnesia…. never a dull moment…. but… at least it’s not scary… I know what is happening and what happened and like I always say… Knowledge is power, when it comes to brain injury….

Sgt. USAF DAV I remember… Margie… hope you do too….