That One Moment in Time….

Any random moment of life, can change your life forever…. I can think of numerous decisions over my life time that had an impact on the direction of my life… and the first decision, after the beating at age 6… Never trust anyone… that was when the mantra, “Trust is Earned, Not Given”… became part of my make up….

At one time I would wonder what life would have been, if I had made different choices and then it hit me… My life was never my own, because of the TBI and the secrets the family keep to this day… It took the murder of 26 people in a little town in Texas for me to gain my freedom, so that I could make informed choices concerning my birth family…. and they say slavery is dead in America… I disagree…

I can honestly say I do not know my younger siblings… so any choices I made, could not impact them… I don’t remember them, except the child not of my father’s blood, that one I remember and for good reason… her birth was the death of Margie, so the mother could keep the secret that was never a secret… infidelity against her husband and her faith…. so Margie was expendable to pay for the mothers so-called sins… I just call them poor judgement and narcissism…. throw in a dash of mental illness, pretty much explains it… The woman I know, is the not the woman my younger siblings know…. FACT….

Again life comes back to choices… I have made mistakes and there is not one human out there that hasn’t… gods we are not, nor will there ever be… because to believe in gods, you have to accept Harry Potter… Fantasy is fantasy… you can justify anything, as long as it fits your agenda… other wise there wouldn’t be so many victims of rape in the church, and that’s all church’s not just the catholic propaganda…. Educate before you think you have a right to question me… Educate… it will take you a few decades…. I know, I am still learning….

I chose to learn, I chose to not give up my voice because someone else chose’s to believe I struggle with faith… to have faith, you have to believe and since I believe in science, it proved that religion is nothing more than a control mechanism for society… again, educate… religion is based on the druids and so many other pagan practices… christianity is not black and white… it is corrupt… FACT….

Again it’s about that random moment in time on what you chose to believe…. fantasy or science…  I chose science, it never stopped growing and it never will…

Religion has never grown and has become the most corrupt mafia organization on the planet… just ask every victim of sexual or physical assault in the name of your god… they are in the billions…

How many victims of science do you think there are????

TimesUp #MeToo

I Remember…. Margie…

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