It was a dark and stormy…. day???

Norman is bypassing us, thankfully, just some high surf, wind and rain… we could hear the waves crashing on the cliffs last night and you can see white caps when walking down the road towards the ocean….

Going to be a long hurricane season, been there done that… November can not get here soon enough….

Olivia is the one that has the weather people spooked… it could get real close to me, it’s turn is right where I live, so water wings, rubber ducks, hip waders and floats… should be fun…

What I found interesting is the sales of homes since the lava eruption… our little part of paradise actually went up in value… we are close to the water, have water view from our property and far enough away, to be safe if a tidal wave comes our way… I am thinking our little house will sell quickly… I hope so, want to be home before our great-grandson starts walking…

You can see the hurricane fatigue with the people here… between the lava flow that has taken a break and the hurricanes, we need a vacation from this reality….

It’s a beautiful place to live and unemployment is so low, they are begging for young professionals and laborers, you know construction stuff… I know we have had a heck of a time getting contractors to do little work… all to busy… so we are having to do it, so over remodeling houses….

It will be a semi dark day as the winds move the clouds around…. love the smell of fresh rain anytime of the day or night… feels like mother nature is taking a bath….

Mahalo for reading my story, as you can see by Margies Song; I have started the writing in a different direction… hoping its time to move on and just deal with the recovery part of this journey, until more memories come back or not…. I never say never….

TimesUp #MeToo

I Remember…. Margie…

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