Zip line insanity…

Today is a test…. Test of my courage an if my bladder is going to betray me when I start screaming….

More than that, its a physical test… Yesterday at the Dolphin Quest, I was sitting on the ground an stood up with just using my legs… Spoke volumes on how far I have come in building my strength….

Today we hike between zip lines an its a half mile hike to get to the first one… When hiking on black sand beach, I found out how hard my thigh muscles had to work, sore for two days… Yesterday was a long hike too…

It is weird, I have had this stroke walk with me for over 50 years… But I am so aware of the issues I always ignored an thought was just normal for me….

So many lies told to protect secrets that never were, because a man made god forgave them…Me the victim… Will never forgive…

Me the survivor, removed them from her life….

TimesUp #MeToo WhyIDidntTell

I Remember… Margie… who is gonna kill me for doing the zip lines…


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