VA’s Incompetent Appeal System and lack of accountability….edited

Oh boy, have I got some horror stories, lets start with the one in El Paso, the VA appeal, 2010 and the doctor I see, and Mike is with me… is for a physical exam, blood work, etc… Well I just had a physical exam and blood work and recommended he look at them, since it was at that facility and not only that, the woman he saw before me… the paper was still on the exam table with her body fluids!!! EWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!! But this doctor wrote he examined me… so I raised holy hell about that and never got a response or investigation… the dude must have really earned that money for the Mercedes we saw him driving!!!

Another time, I was on the phone with the Arkansas VA and Mike was on the extension and this dude started screaming at me…. and I mean he was screaming to the point he was not coherent…. I requested an investigation and the employee’s name… this was 2004 and I never got an apology or investigation and the employee is still working there according to that state senator’s office I contacted in 2011 when working on my El Paso appeal… and never heard from Arkansas again…an yes the incident was on record…

At the El Paso VA, while waiting to get my travel, the dumb ass federal employee locked herself out of the payroll and couldn’t get entrance and it caused a 2 hour delay in getting travel and she went off on me, all I did was look at her and the guys standing their with me all were shocked at the employee’s behavior… it took El Paso over 6 months before I got an apology…. also the El Paso VA gave out my social security number in 2013, when policy was in place in 2008 forbidding them to do so… I have paid for credit monitoring ever since!!!

Now you can see just by these stories I do have a good memory… so you would think I would remember being told in 99 that I had PTSD!!!!

Well that was an appeal or something going on and just like the evaluation at the El Paso VA…. 

I was never informed of the results of the mental evaluation…. but the records say I was informed… so who do you believe???

The federal employee, who like Trump took and swore an oath….

Or do you believe the person who has nothing to lose…. the patient???

So I was right about my memory and my frustration with the VA system by 98…..

I will never know if what I just wrote is 100% right… all of the stories above, except the Spokane VA evaluation and being informed, per my records and the doctors statement…. Mike knows about… this one in Spokane has us both stumped and that is normal in VA health care… why???

Accountability and thanks to Trump, there is zero accountability for the private health care we now get, but takes over 60 days to get care and if you are stage 4 cancer… that 60 days may be your last…

What Obama fixed, the republicans and christians have undone in 24 months and it is not getting better….

People are now dying… and they wore a uniform to protect your sorry ass…. yep, makes me proud to be a veteran some days…. as I read or hear of another veteran that died, due to lack of care….just wow….

Saw the eye doctor the 13th of Feb and he suggested surgery to give me back vision in my left eye… that was over 60 days ago and not a word from anyone… Not VA, not Tri-West, Not Oahu VA, whom I spoke to via their call to me a couple weeks ago…. yep we are back to where we started thanks to Trump and the republicans and mostly bat shit crazy christians…

You really cannot fix stupid, they just keep doing the same thing over and over and the results never change…. Rich get richer and the middle class cries woes me…. Yep true definition of insanity…

TimesUp #MeToo WhyIDidntTell

I Remember… Margie and the cruelty of christian parents who would not let the child leave to go to the bathroom, so at 13, she was humiliated in front of the whole congregation… Control is not faith… it is manipulation…. I never forgot that child… she was my friend…as her urine filled the pew….


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