Ipad writing, will not last….edited

As I wrote a very long time back, I learn by repetition, and have done so since the last blow to my head in 1971…. that blow took so much…..

With word press changing or enabling an option on my site with out first asking me is indicative of the #METOO Movement as viewed by men in power…. they do what works for their agenda with no regard to those of us with impairments….

I can not use the Ipad to write, my elbow an neuropathy will revolt here very quickly…, plus my vision is so hard with things up close, like print, or computer screens or Ipads or the hated Iphone, which rarely gets used for anything but calls….

So now what do I do??? Quit writing because the programmers of word press did not bother to think of all an instead thought of agenda, progress or people???

Face book already censors my writing, because, wait for it…I got under the skin of right wing religious groups…same peeps who took my life… so with that blocking my writing an word press changing my program without my permission, I mean come on, this isn’t free face book, this is a service I paid for… All of a sudden this just feels like the conveyer belt medicine I experienced yesterday… What a way to silence someone…

If I was paranoid, I could go there, instead, this is about ignorance of the seller an the ignorance of this buyer…

Doubt I will make this mistake again… Well the head hurts trying to see an I have had enough of hunt an peck… No clue how to undo what WP did, I have all the good stuff turned on so spelling, punctuation an all that jazz is auto… now with this issue on the lap too, doubt writing will continue….or often…,

TimesUp #MeToo WhyIDidntTell, no one listened yesterday an neither is this company…

I Remember Margie, and her struggle to be heard…


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