Stroke and how all the signs were always there….

Just like asking Trump to tell the truth… so have I asked my mother Freda, at least a 100 times to get the truth out of her…

Once you choose to lie, your whole life is false and Trump puts it out there for all to see, as do most cons… mommy dearest…. not so much… she even had hubby fooled…. eh, what can you do… my favorite saying and I tell hubby the same thing… “You can’t fix stupid, stupid has to want to fix itself”….

After the MRI, there was no doubt in his mind about any of my story… but that was true 10 years ago… when ya stay consistent with your story and don’t deviate off the path of truth… believers fall in behind ya… with cons like Trump and mommy dearest… just as the farmers are doing in the mid west, so are the people that know Trump and mommy dearest… a life of lies is such a lonely life….

What I have meant to write about the last few days after WP screwed up my site… was about the stroke and how I know it was Texas, where I lost so much… and now… thought has taken a sabitical and will make it’s way around eventually….

As for why I was so skinny, growing up…. I escaped the house when ever possible and if it meant missing lunch or even breakfast, so I didn’t get hit… I was good with that… and that continued until I was about 17 and told Don, if he ever laid a hand on me again, he would be dead…

So being skinny was not denial of food, it was escape from hell….. my siblings all show how much food they missed… last family reuinion, everyone was obese… guess their god doesn’t do diets….

Aha moments come an go with my memory issues… the one thing everyone kept telling me lately, the damage will never go away, the repair time was when it happened and you are playing catch up now and some of the damage, will never be reversed physically… or mentally….

So I got one warning….. before we get back to the mainland…

I have a condition and that condition is 100% unfiltered and it really doesn’t give a damn what you think, when it comes to my life, existence or person…

It’s what I think and only what I think that matters in this world… why???

Because it’s my world, my body and slavery died under Lincoln… or did it???

TimesUp #MeToo WhyIDidntTell…. becasue to be heard, you have to be seen…

I Remember… Margie… who disliked the lime light…


An I still don’t like this crap popping up while I am typing or waiting a full minute for the site to open so I can write!!!

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