Success is not a religious thing…

My granddaughter put a post out about “failed marriages or partners”….

Only the religious think marriage is sacred… when in reality its a compatibility contest more than anything…

As long as you try, in any relationship, regardless if it succeeds or not…You are a success….

To live with another human in harmony is a religious head fake….

To live with another human an respect them, love them, care for them an put them along side you, not up on a pedestal… That is a successful relationship…

Leave the man made gods in the gutter where they belong an life just gets so much simpler an most of all, rewarding….

Success is not measured in how long you are married… Success is measured in how you made each other feel….

Same could be said for parenting….

TimesUp #MeToo WhyIDidntTell, no one cared….

I Remember Margie….


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