I Need stock in a Garlic Farm…

Watching the news, as we are several hours behind everyone on the mainland… we go to CNN for the latest and most unbiased story… an we pop over to our local station an the ticker at the bottom of the screen says, “a 71 year old man raped a 3 year old girl”…. I nearly threw up my coffee and the flash of rape went before my eyes… everyone I ever was forced to endure…. and the memory was gone… but the vomit is still in my throat…

So I went on a tirade on face book… and just a FYI, Zuckerber is censoring, I am watching it in real time… but anyhow…. I went on a tirade about Trump and his corrupt religion and his “base” as they are called, if it was me… human would be my preference, but “base” it is…. and the rapes and all that goes on in those states that just passed restrictive abortion laws…. and again just a FYI…. science will tell you a heart beat, does not denote life… but when did christians or any religion buy into science… it doesn’t fit their agenda to be in control of their lives, and by watching Trump in action that isn’t even happening… so they want to control yours and mine…

People think I am kidding when I say… “If you tell me you are a christian I will step back from you, mentally, socially and physically…. I will never turn my back on any human that insists on wearing a label based on fantasy and not reality…. why???

Because they be bat shit crazy…. Just look at Trump & Pence… Pence is definitely off the deep end of reality and he is exactly the kind of officer that raped me in the Air Force… Ain’t that sweet!!!

I know garlic grows real well in Okanogan county, used to be a farm that grew some of the best…. I be thinking if I can’t dig a moat around my house…. I will be planting me some kick ass garlic to keep the crazy, delusional christians and all religions away from my sanctuary….

Not much I can do when I go out in public…. maybe I can come up with a rose smelling mini garlic necklace… just a thought…

TimesUp #MeToo WhyIDidntTell… because christians think they are smart… nope just crazy and still in charge… their days are numbered as are all that hurt children in the name of a man made god…

I Remember… Margie and her desire to be left alone…


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