Ooops, not so fast… back on the market… house that is…

Never a dull moment when life decides other choices… but this was a good lesson as we found out we had the wrong dog cages, because of all the pet deaths last summer… fortunately, we were able to get the big boy his cage… but we had to change airlines and that is when things went south fast…

Long story short… the sale fell thru and we are back on the market and 1 hour after the MLS was active we have a scheduled showing…

The house will go fast, but this time, I will be more cautious how I accept the next offer… If you do not already have loan approval, don’t waste my time and yes you can get loan approval, not just a pre approval from the bank, but actual approval for a loan…. you just have to do a little more work for it, that’s all… and if you are honest, why wouldn’t you get it, before wasting peoples time???

Because of lookie lous…. and I am not exactly supper sweet with realtors who bring that kind of client… it is after all my property and my time… and most of all my property….

So we spent the afternoon cancelling all our reservations… now that we know about the airlines, we can fly both animals together on the same one and us with them… thankfully Hawiian is a contractor for the government, so big pups they would have to carry….

I spent my afternoon, staging the house and it’s back to keeping it pretty and having strangers walk thru my home… Are we done yet???

Sleep tonight will be good and lots of positive thoughts it goes quickly… the morons next door let the hens have chicks and right now there are 3 clutches wandering our property and to early to tell how many roosters… but cymbals may be in my future order from Amazon and at 4 in the morning, my neighbors could very well get an ear full…. better make sure I get ear plugs for us though…

TimesUp #MeToo WhyIDidntTell, reality just doesn’t seem to do it for the christians….

I Remember… Margie… who loved the baby chicks….


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