Reflections of life without a man made god…

Hubby is off to get what we forgot at Home Depot… Showing scheduled for tomorrow and thankfully we have not torn into the ceiling drywall…. yet…. how ever, we did get the room emptied…

Every night I go to bed without thinking twice about saying a prayer…. my soul sings loudly and lets me sleep in peace… going on 10 years since I said a prayer… sent a lot of positive vibes and good will to those in need… but prayer… that is just self gratification and nothing else and most of all it is impotent….

I find my time occupied with, what can I do with what we can not pack and take with us… who can we donate it too or give it too, to help them or the community… We have done that on every move and my last record showed we will never be able to claim our donations on tax’s… we will never make enough money to claim it…. but Trump does…and I have given away more than I earned in a year… so we see how christians like Trump share the wealth, while atheist like me and millions others… share what we have… that is humanity, devoid of corrupt religion…

I have no complaints that are not just frustration, because of beauracrats….. corrupt christian politians… men in power, protecting men in power… supreme court now has two rapist…. white house is forever soiled with a rapist in that chair… my disgust for the office can go no lower, thanks to Barr…..

The thought process to dump the corruption of religion and the white mans god is liberating and most of all calming to the soul and heart…. the mind took control long ago, when it saw all the corruption, rapes, murders, and thefts done in the name of god by priests and other religious leaders….

Yes, life without god is definitely a more peaceful place, free of the bigotry of my neighbor or family…. just like the statement yesterday about a “Proper upbringing”… what a bigoted statement….

The day has started, so much to get done before tomorrow and it just reminds me I am alive… Alive enough to feel the physical pain from domestic violence and alive enough to feel the physical pain of life…

It may not be a happy go lucky existence… but… it is my existence that was designated by christians and I am doing all I can to overcome the pitfalls their cruelty created in damaging my body…

because they could never control my mind….

TimesUp #MeToo WhyIDidntTell

Sgt. USAF DAV I Remember… Margie….

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