Internet interference from???

I get what I see, most of you can’t, because you don’t have a bar on the side of your screen that is showing code and when that codes goes goofy and the program I am in does what it shouldn’t… I know the internet is being dicked with…. and since I am on my lap top, I only see a little, screen not big enough for me to view like I do on my big bertha monitor…. it does 6 screens on one monitor…. makes it nice when you have vision issues….

Hubby asked once how I knew someone was screwing with the routing on the internet and had to explain the programming class’s the Air Force had me take, when I worked for 5th Air Force back in 1984… so I been doing this for a while and code does not change…. just applications, programs and most of all people….

Now you watch and wait and some dumb ass will say it’s gods will that life is the way it is… isn’t that just like a human not to own it… but god does not play with the internet, because god would be all knowing and doer…. but humans do like to play with the net and right now I would say we have Russia, China and N. Korea attacking our net and its users…..

For us regular users, being hacked by these countries is highly unlikely… that’s like a god picking one person to be the know all and end all…. none of us are that special… but the electrical and banking grid are vulnerable… and that is what they are working to get into so they can make our country as a whole vulnerable…

When I have to spend days putting in passwords, because my IP was all over the world for a few days… I know that the signal is being rerouted from its VPN and being hijacked…. the news has hit on it just a little, because google, microsoft, apple and other companies are scrambling to stop the encroachment outside our country…. and frankly, they are doing a lousy job… because the attacks are getting more frequent…

This is my guess… the reason we are not exploited with our setup, we are not on a hard line internet set up…ours is strictly satellite, but this gets into a realm of communication I have not got much knowledge on….

I always document, when I see weird stuff on the internet and when the news comes out with information, I go back and look at my notes like this blog and see if I was dead on or I missed it all together…..

All I know, all my protections are in place and my browser has blocked intrusions and my virus software has done the rest…. it will be interesting when we move, will I see the same thing, that I have seen in the middle of the Pacific??? Is it a fluke that I am seeing what I am seeing at all????

I may never know, but at least if I am wrong, I can own it… If I am right… the internet just got a little more scary….

TimesUp #MeToo WhyIDidntTell

Sgt. USAF DAV I Remember… Margie….

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