When the neuro net makes unfiltered an understatement…

Last few days, unfiltered about religion is an understatement…. good thing we are still here an not moved yet😳…

I let this one go unchecked an I knew it was happening an declined to stop it….

Not so much as to get attention, but to put it out there that god lovers, christians, muslims, what ever religion you fell for… no longer has a gag on my voice…..

I even posted a couple psych studies by our own government that states religion is delusional thinking…. need I state I got no interest in the studies😂…

It is an interesting psychological experiment I am doing, if not insulting to some… but that did not stop them from raping an killing me by the time I was 13… so yea, Maggi is saying exactly what she REALLY THINKS…. of religion an the delusional who buy into it….

Yesterday we had multiple showings… though you could tell they were just looking, not buying…. so we changed the rules, only pre approved buyers need seek an audience…we are that exhausted after yesterday’s showings….

TimesUp #MeToo WhyIDidntTell

Sgt USAF DAV I Remember Margie…..

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