Choices… not miracles… Choices…

Life is and always will be about choices.. Those who think the world is mystical and based on religion or rhetoric, will never get this concept… you made a concious choice to buy into mystic and religious beliefs… which are founded on stories and not facts or science… so I suggest you read something else besides this little blog… I can’t help you, you have to help yourself…Science says it is a chemical reaction in the brain and you can chose to fix it…..

Every choice each person on this planet makes, has an impact on more than just themselves… that is the actual trickle down affect that politians seem to think does not exist… but the rich mans tax cut, has already trickled down to impact every American in one way or another….

Life is nothing but choices… From the first blow Freda applied to my head as a toddler to the last blow Don did when I was 17… they made a choice to pick up that arm and swing that hand and hit a child with adult force…

Choice… they made a choice… I chose NOT to raise my hand against them, but I did my voice… lil brother, not so smart, and he turned out just like Don, when it comes to ethics…always hidden meaning in what I write….

Choice… is the option Peggy took when she took on my life and tried to make everyone believe that her body and health issues were related to Don and Freda…. in reality, it was the luck of the draw and she had a cycst, which made her grow and the enabling and manipulating by Freda… Peggy’s life is exactly what it should be… why??? Because she made a choice to live a lie…

Last night I chose to delete all my hateful comments against the christians who took a little girl and tried so hard to steal her soul… the life they took, but the soul fought back and life came back into that little body….

Margie made a choice to fight the rest of her life against christians and corrupt religion… The evil stench of religion is spreading like a plague across the land….

Salem Witch Trials are forefront in my memory of learning… but not so with christians… which is why they destroy and never heal the land in their wake… just bodies left behind of those who fought to keep their souls and their children free of the corruption of religion….

Will I be able to stick to it… Can I back off on my attacks… Psychology says I have every right and it’s up to me to chose when to let some or all of my anger go….

I said it before, having my memories back, has been beyond any shock to my mind or body… worse than the rapes or the beatings or the death….

Freda and Peggy are living as is my Aunt Tiny and the lies they have offered to cover their actions or lack their of in this story, may mean nothing to anyone else but me… but I was the one they reached out too when they needed my brain…. and I will never reach back….

Choices… my oldest made a choice and I came down on him hard, in the hope he would wake up, own his life, before he ended up permanetly behind bars… the next child has to face reality, of the choices he made….

One thing no one can say… before I got my memories back, my home was always open, it was give until I had nothing left to give and thanked I never was… all because they have no concience and we enable them, instead of making them own it….it still leaves a bitter taste in my mouth…

Choices… so many people I have let into my life and the choices they made will have lasting marks and some will never know what those marks mean…

Life is not about gods and mystic brain candy….

Life is about being born, living…. learning and growing and hopefully making the world a better place before you die… so many want you to feel guilt and hate and anger… because they are living a christian life that is not possible to live…. and the cycle of abuse continues….

Choices… life is and always will be about choice… We are born atheist, we have no concept of right and wrong… but we learn and those lessons are learned in the home, classroom and the place you play…. when a warped human thinks they are a god and people buy into it… pschology says they are delusional… and we put a few on the supreme court and in the white house… I would say the heathenism of religion has done more damage than Donal Trump will ever do…

TimesUp #MeToo WhyIDidntTell

Sgt. USAF DAV I Remember… Margie….

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