Trumpism… nah… just the norm….

Watching the news is just boring anymore, which means I am getting immune to it and if that is happening in our household, it’s happening in many others….

I see some hope in all this mess…. those of us, who are tired of political correctness and putting a god before me or any other citizen is just beyond insane, it’s ludicrious….

Like I said there is hope, there are many of us… some like myself are just getting our voice… but there are many out there that have a voice and use it for one thing… their agenda….

When is the last time you saw anyone, world leader, give it all for the people??? or for that matter any god??? but you got lots of lip service… did that pay your bills???

The world continues to spin and sometimes it gets just a little to dizzy for me… and even I will do stupid… it’s inevitable… we are human… stupid is our primary source of entertainment, or we would all be hooked up to AI devices…

I try, I really do try and learn from my mistakes and if I do the same stupid thing again… believe me, eh, you can if you want… butt, that is usually where I put my own foot, so I remember doing the stupid… wish Trump would figure that out, thats one big rump he’s got….

So, I have hope, and I plan to vote in the next elections and since we are moving home, we will be watching those candidates and see what their agenda is… Ya know at one time, we the people were the agenda….

TimesUp #MeToo WhyIDidntTell

Sgt. USAF DAV I Remember… Margie….

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