Enabling…. over it… 2 blogs deleted…

Ya know, I slept okay because not that many people shot fireworks off near us and they did change the laws last year, so… we turned AC off and opened up…. now what the hell does that have to do with enabling… nada…

Watching the news this morning and I am to the point, get the weather, make sure no nut bag is running loose on the island, which is very rare and start my day….

I ranted on two posts about god and deleted them… tired of enabling the mentally ill, now will I stick to this course of action… you never no… depends how bored I am with this whole process I started after I got my memories back and if I have had enough of getting under the relatives thin skin…. and I think I am there….

Wow, this is a pivotal moment or is it just the lull before the storm… who knows… brain injuries have a mind of their own, just for those who never had a brain injury… though Peg swears she had an infarct….. wow, did she ever take over my life, starting with the stroke and near death…. mental health probably to late for this lie….

The day has started, the parrot down the street, letting us know two hours after the rooster, the sun is up and it’s going to be a gorgeous hot day on Hawaii…..

Mike did some video this morning and it came out good, now waiting for the sun to get high enough, so we can get the ocean from our house…. sun is rising, so got to wait….. and he is having fun with his toy and he has learned to adapt with his hands… they are so badly deformed from the RA… it amazes me he does what he does… and our property is prime example of that….

Time to go walk our monsters and see if I can’t get my brain going in the direction away from the family dynamic and about the issues related to those injuries… all of them….

TimesUp #MeToo WhyIDidntTell

Sgt. USAF DAV I Remember… Margie….

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