I put a post out there that says Humans are the only Evil on earth….

Not one hit, not one review… Hubby says it showed up on twitter, but not seeing it on Word Press, which where I wrote it and published…

Why is it when the truth is out there… You run the other direction???

True Story…

Censorship alive and well in the 21st century… no one is safe, when humans believe in gods or superstitions… just look at what Hitler did or Mussolini or Kim Jung Un or Putin and now Trump…. all men who say they believe in gods… more like power hungry psycho paths… but so are most religious…

and the coward Epstein… may he burn in hell for what he did to those kids and the powerful that helped to cover up the crimes… may they all be brought down and put in orange jump suits… including Trump….

Sgt. USAF DAV I Remember… Margie…

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