DOT does not own road???

Mauna Kea, it hit news a little while ago… DOT did not complete some agreement concerning the access road to Mauna Kea, giving certain Hawaiians authorization to do exactly what they are doing…on that road???

Did not catch all the story, but if this is true….this is a major victory for the native Hawaiians and their fight concerning certain land on the mountain…

With the EPA hurting species, our state has laws that take over where federal law drops the ball…and they have problems with completing actions an looks like that happened with the mountain…

I hope what we heard earlier is true, but I got a feeling, on the mountain, it is not over… this goes much deeper than just the mountain… these are a people hurting… I just wish they realized we are not the ones that hurt them an their actions towards us are hurting everything they are fighting for…

Sometimes failure comes at cost… so does winning….

I Remember Margie….

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