Medical Training paying off…..

One thing about working in a ER, on the Ward and being a dental tech with EMT training… you have a little knowledge… and that was 40 years ago… I have learned much more since…as hubbys heart failure will attest… docs missed it, I caught it….

Seems today is some kind of holiday on Hawaii, to us, every day is a holiday… so no dentist visit… but I did get to talk to him and he is ordering the antibiotic, which should stop the pain in about 48 to 72 hours… just got to ride the bull till that happens…

So off to Walmart to get a perscription and pick up my letter for Jury excuse… and find some food that I can eat, that does not involve chewing… my TMJ is beyond sore and trying to lock up, because of using the left side for a couple months… it’s done with chewing and I have had my TMJ lock before… all because christians thought my head was a puching bag…. triple time sigh……

Monday the dentist will see me to take the root out, which is better, with the antibiotics on board, for a couple days, less chance of infection being spread….

This just gives me time to formulate the scathing letter that will accompany all the documentation that I will be sending by fax next week….

Mike checked with his lawyer, they don’t do law suits against the feds… it’s tricky suing them, Agent Orange, is the ones I helped on…

My case is more complicated, a lawyer would have to do pro bono… and I imagine I am not alone with medical negligence on the part of the VA health care system….

This is going to be a long few weeks… healing, getting a partial made so I can eat again, because that is the fastest solution to a problem the VA should have addressed last summer when the doctor recommended the surgeries…

but play god is what federal employees do… didn’t you hear how they threatend state department employees for not being loyal to Trump…

Since when did Trump become a KING???? Impeach the bastard before we lose America to corrupt religion…or is it too late???.

Sgt. USAF DAV I Remember…. Margie…

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