Furious… + 1 Million points for me….

Okie dokie, being mad isn’t going to do me any good… but damn, if I got a $1,000 for every time I was right… I would be richer than our nation and that’s not saying much after Trump dragged us into the pits of hell for national debt…. big time sigh….

The Amoxicillin has been on board 24 hours and this morning, I could actually touch my right cheek, press on the tissue to the bone structure and not yell in pain!!!! DAMN!!! RIGHT AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Health care in America is only as good as the schools that teach them and honestly, I am a walking example of the incomptence and arrogance of American incompetence… go figure, they probably are all christian and that always dummy down the brain….

When I wrote, before the MRIs & MRA… I said I could taste blood going down my throat and other icky flavors…. and more than likely, though nothing showed on the tests… I had a maxillary abcess and that has been draining for about a year… right now, it’s draining lots of SNOT!!! damn am I congested on that side of my face…

Not unusual if you have extensive inflamation… how I got through this without getting addicted to nasal spray so I could breathe, is pure perseverance and the knowledge what nasal crap does to the lining…

So the teeth started dying as best we can figure, as early as 2005, because my white count spiked and I was put under oncology for a few months, they thought I had leukemia… and they got it wrong… at Arkansas VA…. wow….

All because Freda… just loved to use my head for a target… I have memories of her taking my 8 year old head and shoving it into a closet hanging rod…. I remember Freda taking her adult size hand and using adult force and laying a good one on every part of my head… no area was off limits for Freda…. I can remember Peggy thinking her Judo was so special… after my stroke, she tossed me 8 feet across the room and reinjured the brain…. again…

The head was a favorite target for those 2 people that call themselves children of god…

Only god on this planet… HUMAN!!!

24 hours and I already am feeling better… the numbness along the bone, where the last of the root is… I am getting some feeling back, instead of numbness and tingling… so that infection has been ongoing for over a year and I am betting more like the last 4… we remember me having issues in 2015…

Wow…. just wow… I have to threaten lawsuits, yada, yada… to get anyone to listen, so I can stay alive…

All those christians must be praying to that man made god to end my life and because of all that hatred they excrete… it gives me a heads up, they are after my soul ….. Still…..

Eating, last night I tore up the only area of my mouth capable of chewing and the tooth pain from pounding that area is telling me, weight loss is going to happen and I am going to be eating lots of little meals to compensate….

Hopefully Monday the doc can add teeth to the partial, so I have structure to my face, which will hold me, while he makes a new partial and this is all going to cost the VA thousands of dollars… which could of been averted, if they had done their job in May of 2018, when my dentist recommended dental implants… to late now and I intend to cost them thousands upon thousands more, with more extensive tests…

I know that my teeth have been the issue…. Now… but doctors have no clue and this just gives me an excuse to get all those other tests run that will give me answers about some of the damage Don & Freda inflicted upon a little girl… because they say they know god…. are you people for real or just bat shit crazy????

TimesUp #MeToo WhyIDidntTell

Sgt. USAF DAV 100% Service Connected I remember…. Margie…

After watching Israel and its bigotry in action, just backs up the history of a nomadic people who never had land and have done nothing but steal land and promote a corrupt religion, just so they can act like they are special… we have Jewish, Native, Hawaiian and a host of others in our DNA….

we are just humans made of star dust…

Only thieves and liars promote themselves as something else…so Israel, you can leave America anytime… Religion is just a massive hoax you perpertrated…Eqypt has proven that repeatedly.

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