Mens Dicks are more important than my Dental Health per the VA!!!

Furious… oh that is an understatement….

Oahu VA will put a man on a plane from the big island to get his little dick taken care of…

But won’t put a woman veteran on a plane to get her mouth fixed?????

One is used for pissing and sexual pleasure….

The other allows a person to eat and breathe!!!!!

Little lopsided on health care in the VA system…. what do you expect from a christian run organization….

The bible puts the man above the woman….

And you keep allowing that to happen…

I blame you for not having any back bone and not standing up to corrupt christians that rape your kids, beat your kids and murder your kids…. wow, talk about throwing responsibility for life down the toilet because you dummied down with religion….

Trump and his christian base has turned VA health care into VA death care…

So…. I blame you….

Sgt. USAF DAV Atheist!!! and damn proud of it… My BRAIN WORKS!!!

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