VA will NOT impact my mental health!!!

Exhausted… doesn’t take much emotional upset and I am done, drained for the day…

I so get suicide among veterans…

When I worked with patients in our dental clinic, we connected because our regular patients were retirees or those stationed permanent at the base… our transit was the pilot students…

When I would talk with a patient while waiting on the doctor, they found out I had lived over seas, and I knew much about the last few years of vietnam, with living on Okinawa… so lots of times we had a connection… got over a 100 letters of commendation from patients when the Air Force pushed me out, to cover up rape and attempted murder… one was from a retired General…

I have fought for my survival since the death of Margie at Webb AFB, Big Springs, Texas 1967…. accuracy on that is no longer important… but the memories I have gotten back of my death, have been telling….

I fought depression and refused to be pulled down to level of depravity of the christian faith… so I walked away and started hunting for Margie…

I would hear of a suicide and the thought would fleet across my mind, how easy it would be to give up and just die… after a while, I became numb to the number of veterans taking their lives… I was fighting for my own….

When the VA employee at Arkansas went off on me… I withdrew and am to the point now, I won’t contact the VA for any reason, except to change address, so I can get my meds, that inhaler is spendy… after last summer and the Hilo & Oahu VA behavior, when I followed all procedures and kept my mouth shut and was nice…. they still left me stranded at the airport on my birthday for my last post op…. and were rude when I contacted them for transportation… I haven’t talked to any VA employee since… my soul is worth so much more than selling it for VA death care….

Yep the depression is here and it will linger for a few hours or the day… my mind will work on a option that I can afford and decisions will be made, once we find out if the buyers accepted our offer… it will just change a couple of things concerning our move… the money will be needed for immediate dental care on my dime… especially if that root is still in my skull!!!

I value life… I have seen more death than any human should… you could say, I see dead people…. it’s analogy… for the amount of death I have seen….

I value my life, even if the federal government is trying to do all it can to make it miserable… they can only encroach so far, before I take a healthy bite out of that dumb ass of theirs….

last time Fox news from El Paso interviewed me and people couldn’t move fast enough… the case is on file against a medical facility in New Mexico and El Paso identity theft… IG of New Mexico has it on public file… I allowed it to be public… I don’t like being messed with and lawsuit is always possible, I think I have 7 years to deal with that mess…. that was spring of 2016….

Just a FYI, before the CEO, CFO or Acting Director of El Paso VA could fix anything… I already had the 3 major credit beureaus by the balls and they fixed it so fast, it shocked everyone involved, including Beto O’rourkes office… they were involved… but I still pay for credit monitoring because of this mess… yea for government accountability…

Regardless, I have been down tougher roads… walked around with my rectum in my underware for 4 years BECAUSE OF EL PASO VA!!!!

My teeth, well, until I have some… public is not a place I will be….

Granny from the Clampets comes to mind….



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