Moments in Time….

Traffic driving by… sound of birds…. The wind blowing the tree tops as if doing a Hula dance for mother nature….

Lawnmowers going in the background….

All around, a lovely day on Hawaii….

When quiet moments like this come along, I have hope it will trigger a good memory… and it usually does… but only from my time as an adult… none from childhood…

I used to wonder why I was so fascinated with the stories like, “The Many Faces of Eve”, or Alfred Hitchcock, or The Twiligt Zone or best yet… The Outer Limits……

I never got into the Ozzie & Harriet show, or Leave it to Beaver, or my 3 Sons, yada, yada, yawn… feel good head fake… that was not what was happening in our christian home, far from it… by many involved….

I often wondered why I read psychology about people assuming another persons role in a family or the manipulation of the religious right wing mentally ill…

Over the last 20 months… I have remembered, and it really does explain my fascination with the above subjects….

It was fun getting into the minds of the above sciFi writers minds… it helped me navigate the mental illness in my own parents home… and it is still there today… all my siblings are under her spell… you really can’t fix stupid… no matter how many degrees you get….

I plan to submit to more extensive EEG tests… I think the brain wave is something I am learning to control, now that I am fully aware of the activity… but for me, I need more information… just like a computer program… the more complicated the code, the more it is capable of doing… same with the brain… the more aware of the issue, the more you can work to fix it, or at least adapt to it… for me… it’s, fix it…

Ghosts of memories are here, they float by and tease me… like a good ole fashion strip show, not like today… but like Gypsy Rose Lee time…. yep, I am that old…

I think the more I understand the brain wave and its interaction and location…. and I understand the area that has damage… the greater the chance of me recovering all my memories… does that mean my memory ability will change???

Nope… the damage is done, you can not reverse damage, but that doesn’t mean the information is gone for good… and that is my goal, as we spin our wheels, waiting on the VA and hoping to sell in the next year or so… recession may have a say on that subject… oh joy…. this summer is already a scorcher, last one was too, next summer, oh boy… warmer water, more hurricanes, like the east coast is seeing….

Thoughts and good vibes to all those in harms way….

TimesUp #MeToo WhyIDidntTell

Sgt. USAF DAV I Remember… Margie…and her vivacious laughter….

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