Monkey see…. Monkey did…. Trump & Christians selling America to the highest bidder….

Wow… living on Hawaii… you get your news a little later than those on the mainland… and when your day starts with Trump bragging about breaking laws and abusing power all the while swearing he is a christian…. I mean just wow…..

Not even 8AM and the TV is on “How the States got their shapes”….

I would rather educate myself with facts about our nation, than buy into bull shit about traditions and christians trying to rape and steal our freedoms…..

That garlic farm…. I tell ya, that moat…. just push’s me to look at lots of acreage, in the middle of no place and start that garlic farm and dig that moat….

But at the rate Trump & christians are polluting our planet…. nothing will grow, the planet will tilt thanks to all that concrete China is laying and water…. Water, we will be out there doing a rain dance and hoping it rains…. because ground water will be to polluted to touch….

That is what I think christians and Trump are doing to our planet…. America is just the starting point…. want to talk about your mythical anti christ…. yep, you suckers fell for him hook line and sinker…. just so you can tell women what they can do with their bodies….

Hope it was all worth it…. me… I’ll be on that garlic farm, hoping humans come back to humanity… but not if their man made god has a say….

I Remember a time when freedoms fought for, and died for…. meant something……..

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