U.S.A. Health care the government joke on taxpayers….

Hubby is my dependent, he needs anything, what medicare does not cover, CHAMPVA does… and I have yet to spend any money on his deductable or healthcare since 2004….. not bad for being my dependent… and I’m the veteran…

Yet for me… my medicare, I do have to pay a deductable and if the VA wants to take years to do surgery, I can use my medicare and pay for it, even though the damage done was by a VA surgeon???????

I just did my eyes on medicare and so far out of pocket, we are hitting $500 and the hospital bills haven’t come in yet… so I expect the cataract surgery the VA should have paid for, will cost me about $2000…. and I am 100% Service connected disabled veteran…. and my health care, ALL of it is covered???!!!! but not according to the way Trump runs our government… you have to beg for what you earned, because you didn’t swear loyalty to him, but to the nation!!!!!

And that nation has shit on veterans for so long, it’s just every day occurence….

VA health care is VA death care… flat and simple…. and I told my dentist enough of this bull shit, if the VA wasn’t going to authorize care, I would pay for it and raise hell against the VA later and make that hell very public, like in half page newspaper ads, I already know the cost to do one!!!!

I don’t get mad, I get even and I am fed up with my neighbor the federal employees corruption and using my health care as a hostage, so they can play god!!!! just like god Trump and Jesus Pence are doing!!!!

Rant over…. yep I am beyond livid and pissed and it will pass as soon as I go sit an smoke a couple bowls of calming pot…..

Impressions taken, it will be a few weeks for the wax model to come in and then a few more weeks after that for the denture to show up… I did stress to the doctor the pain wearing dentures causes and that the implants were not a want but a need….. just depends on the yahoo at the Hilo VA clinic playing god…

Frankly, may I call you frank???? I think this person will pay…. life has a nasty habit of leveling the playing field… but this person who is victimizing veterans on the Hilo side of Hawaii… your day will come…. and I hope I hear about it…. small satisfaction for such a great injustice, but you have to stay above the fray or get drawn down to their depravity….

Sgt. USAF DAV I Remember… Margie….

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