Looking for the Memories and why are the living Silent???

Not much sleep, the autonomic is having a field day and the partials are helping at night, but my is the gum sore… so sore, I brushed my teeth and used the toothpaste as a numbing agent, it’s that sensodine sensitive stuff… and it helps… but that poor mandible tooth that is 1 tooth that is taking a pounding an my mandible hurts all the way into the TMJ…. WHY is the VA making me suffer??? What did I do to those yahoo federal employees??? Guess you just look at Trump and enough said about thin skin federal employees…. at least hubby gets quality health care because of my service… me the vet, haven’t seen it yet and I been a veteran since 1977…………….. yea America….

I start to dream and I get woke up, because I have cotton mouth… not from smoking, but from my mouth not working like it should because the throat and tongue are doing the autonomic neuropathy act at night…. the shoulders hurt, an today, exercise that won’t get heart rate up, but will help with this added stress my body is being forced to endure because of a federal employee at the Hilo VA clinic… I really hope life catches up with that person, like it’s happening to Trump…. Waited 30 years to see that asshole brought down… told ya, when you work certain federal jobs, you get exposed to the reality of what real life is and not the spin doctor preachers or priest idea of reality….or Trumps….

What surprises me, I’m not pissed and letting it be known kind of pissed… nope, the dentist let me vent and I thanked him for it… they know I am beyond frustrated, or we wouldn’t have offered to pay for my care… the VA just happen to coincide with that moment in time… on Saturday….

I already took a pain pill this morning… and my kidney is letting me know, it’s not happy about the dosage… cranberry juice stocked up on and Vit c being taken to protect the bladder…. and a higher dose of magnesium to keep the rectocell surgery from being undone…. none of this is fun, but imagine if I didn’t have the knowledge of what needed to be done… the result would be catastrophic and that’s isn’t a joke or drama… that is reality of knowledge over religion….

I control my destiny right now and am very happy with my knowledge to protect me… it’s the only thing that has protected me from christians and their corruption…. my thoughts just went to the Riverside 12… I so hope they are getting the counseling and support they will need to find them selves….

So many hurt, so many children lives destroyed for a god that doesn’t exist…because you fear life, instead of living it…..

But your god will forgive you and if the victims do… they haven’t become survivors yet…. because forgiveness is a religious head fake, and that you can take to the bank…why??? Because the living have to admit what they did and that will never happen as long as their god forgives them… the vicitims have no value, so why should the perpretrators???….

I Remember… Margie….

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