Domestic Violence Makuu & 7th Street only occupied house…. Hawaii, HPP

Domestic violence is a big thing on Hawaii, that’s what you don’t hear about when you come to paradise… how violent the natives are and oh boy are they violent and children and women are the number one targets and thanks to Trump and his base, it won’t get any better, and a whole lot of kids and women will suffer… some men too… but mostly women and kids… It was a woman screaming earlier…

Cops came, no arrest, no ambulance nada…. men in power protecting men in power….

Been like that since christians came on the scene and made women less than men… don’t figure how they did it, but that is where they have kept women for several thousands of years because of christians…. other religions just fed off of it and put their own slavery in place against women….

So many I hear from defend their religion…

You don’t hear me defending how I was born…. atheist… you were born the same way, you just decided you needed a god in your life instead of yourself….

Our afternoon walk will be interesting… as I usually don’t go… today I will….

If hubby is going to get shot for calling the cops, I intend to have my finger on the button for recording and 911….. can’t let bastards like the one that beat up the woman run my neighborhood…

9 times out of 10, men are nothing but cowards…. Kavanaugh showed his cowardice by attacking Professor Ford…. Senator Graham showed his cowardice by attacking a Rape Survivor…. Trump showed his cowardice by locking everything up and transparanency was the last thing that christian plans to do….

The people up the street… christians and Hawiians…. their religion sure protected them today…. I doubt that woman will have much body that isn’t bruised and damaged…

I know… My body carries the scars 52 years later…. yea for christians and the anti christ they worship….

I Remember……

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