PTSD helped with my Amnesia…. Face Book is a christian platform…. did ya know???

You read articles about amnesia and no two are alike and I have yet to find one that even gets close to my scenario… or story… or life….

I see bits and pieces in movies that come out… and I mean just the trailers… I haven’t watched a drama or anything that they say is remotely based on real life… why??? Because I already lived it and died because of it… and it is humans hiding behind religion…

It has no other name, except the name humans put on IT… and IT is the worse of all evil and the biggest mental health issue in the world…. because leaders and politicans use IT to control YOU…. easy peasy…..

Once I let go the delusion of religion, my world has opened up in so many ways… I took away the psychological crutch holding me back from growing… christianity…. once I dumped that mumbo jumbo… life has gotten a whole lot better and less complicated….

It’s like watching that woman who is pushing abolishing abortion, because she can’t handle the guilt of the 2 abortions she got… so the whole nation needs to be as miserable as she is, because she can’t own her choices…

Just like Freda & Peggy not owning the choices they made to make my life a living hell, through the non stop abuse they dished out and how they manipulate their loved ones… to keep this secret… so they push a god, they know is not real… because other wise… they have to own their actions and choices and they mentally are not able…. just like the abortion lady… so too Brutas with my family….

I have made some poor choices in life, but now that I know I had a major brain injury and multiple strokes… and the location of said injuries… dictated my actions and my struggle against those actions… they were so not me, but that is what brain injury does… it changes and takes from who you really are and it’s a never ending battle to get back to what can never be….

But I own my choices in life… and I have paid dearly for them… in every manner life can offer…. my death… that was the choice my parents made over the baby not of my dads blood… and the damage to my siblings, is ongoing today… because Freda won’t own her life and Peggy won’t own her lies…. thus the christian downfall of a family that never was, because of mans god they hide behind….

Do you realize Face Book is a christian run organization and even though people profess to be atheist they make use of that christian platform and they are helping the christian platform, not hurting it, because face book is shadow banning… meaning what you post isn’t likely seen by that many….

Makes me wonder is the blogging community doing the same… I don’t want to be like you or anything similiar…

I intend to be me, the person who was born atheist and isn’t afraid of man’s gods…. they bleed just like every one else… only a human turns a man into a god and makes it real… in their minds…. but to them it is so real…

So is their mental illness… Just look at Trump, Pence, Kavanaugh, Barr & Pompeo… all christians and raping America, like it’s their own private world….

You can’t fix stupid, stupid has to want to fix its self…

Not in my life time will that happen…fixing stupid I mean….

I Remember… Margie….

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