Doctor surprised me…

Rant over about Trump and base… you can’t fix mental illness by yelling at it… but I sure would love to kick Trumps ass a couple times!!!

The dentist surprised me… he is making the denture and he’s actually doing a good job… he also does the dental implants… so some time along the way I didn’t understand who would do the implants… and it seems, the guy I have been seeing here in town, would have done them… IF… I hadn’t broke my front bridge work…. that just made the whole thing a lot more complicated… becasue of the maxillary sinus…

It isn’t unusal for someone to have perforated sinus because of dental surgery… I have already had my maxillary palete operated on, when I was 17 on Okinawa… so I should be okay with modern denistry….

The doctor told me that since the bridge broke and we are talking doing implants for #3 thru #11…. that’s a lot of wholes to put in the maxillary bone on someone like me who’s bone structure is damaged….

So, what this all means to me… I may have the surgery here in town, I may be referred to the surgeon on the Kona side… until he decides if its too complicated for him… an I have some thinking to do….

The partial will be ready by the end of the month… the doctor wanted to get me set up, because of all the medical issues that have been documented because of the dental problems…. Finally someone has been listening…

A few more weeks of trying not to take in so much air when eating and hopefully not go crazy with the diet I am forced to eat right now…. this should all work out??? Maybe??? I got no clue…… I just want….

My 2 front teeth for christmas………

Night all

I Remember…..

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