Where to Move to???

That is a topic of conversation on occasion… where do we really want to move to???

We have thought of Okanogan county… but it has gotten expensive, much like living here on Hawaii… they pay as much for gas and diesel as we do here and that is a fact….

We thought of living on the west of coast of Washington state…. but people we thought we were close with have shut us out… and thus the reason for this confab….

Our daughter has gone to some lenghts to keep us in the loop… but she’s been the only one…

When we left the area back in 2002… I gave video camera to one, so we would get video of our grandkids growing up… never got one video… what I did get, cost me over a 100,000 dollars……. the last trip home in 2013, I gave another good camera so we would get pics of that grandchild… we got some, for a while….

We spent a fortune sending gifts for birthdays or holidays… when we could afford it…. we got nothing…. not even cards….

After a while… you kind of give up… because the response back isn’t worth their time… but they will take what you give… even our birthdays have no value…. mine was not remembered, except by a good friend and hubby…..

We are a nation divided, because at one time… controlling each other was easy, because of ignorance… now we are educated… we know that gods do not exist, except in the minds of the mentally ill and silver tongues are a dime a dozen and have been around, since language was developed…. and once you fall into that trap of a better world thru these beliefs… you become a people divided….

Healthy mind, versus mentally ill who believe in superstitions and religion….

One day, maybe that will be no more… in the mean time….

We don’t know where we want to move to… as with anyplace I have lived… I make the most of it… as we are doing on Hawaii….

But we really still have no clue, where we want to move to…. We are a little tired of trying to be a family while everyone has their hand out…. not much more needs to be said about that….. sounds a lot like Trump and his base and their values…..

I Remember… Margie…..

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