Another Sign in…. for Word Press????

Really kids, this is getting as old as the bully in the school yard…. this is on your end of the spectrum with issues with this application and frankly after you telling me I didn’t know what I was talking about and you fix it a year later….

Trumpism is spreading like a plague upon the land and you’ll pay for crappy service and not have anything to say about it….

All because christians want control over women’ts rights…..

Pass the 50 number on signs into this blog site, because of you kids….

Want to be an adult…. quit fucking with this blog or give me back my money…..

Pissed…. again and you start my day this way???????? I send a load of Voodoo to you too….

So over you can’t fix stupid behavior by children today… including Trump and his christian mental base….

I Remember…..

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