Tempura dinner… Bisquick style….

Been 3 weeks since my left eye was operated on… been 7 for the right and I still can not see up close very well and the vision is all over the place… takes forever to adjust after looking at the Ipad and watch TV….

Today I was making up tempura batter from scratch for our cod and squash an zuchini…. and I am mixing it up and thinking… damn that batter looks like waffle batter… so I picked up the container and smelled it and went an got the other container out of the pantry and sure enough…. I was using Bisquick to make up my batter….

Long story short… added a little flour to the mix… battered all the food up and coated it with Japanese bread crumbs and stuck it in the frig till dinner time to cook…

Tried out my new double basked deep frier… so tired of oil spattering all over the place when I make tempura or any dish that requires frying…. and I use olive oil…. so as healthy as I can get it….

Anyhow… it all tasted good… but it didn’t stick to the food as well as just a flour batter….

So if you are in a pinch an need tempura batter… bisquick will work with water and egg, it just takes less water… you want it tacky to stick to the food…

Dinner was good… and hubby out walking it off with the dogs…..

We are hot and humid, house closed… and likely to stay that way for a few days till our trade winds come back….

Tomorrow we get our other cabinet, hopefully… today we set up the little green house…. yep we are settling in for the long haul… and you watch the VA will screw it all up….

I Remember…. Margie….

fyi containers are now marked, no more mix ups…

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