Mental Health Testing….

When I knew the Air Force was pushing me out to cover up the rape and attempted murder of my kids on a military installation…. I knew I would need to take the psych testing again, under different circumstances…. but like any young woman and mom and wife… life had to go on and by that time I was already a civilian with a honorable discharge….. so time was on my side… that was 1983….

While in Japan during those 4 years from 1983 to 1987….. I had one of my sons IQ tested and decided to get mine tested…. my son’s came in at 125 and he was about 8 years old at the time…. mine came in at 136… right on the cusp of Mensa… which my data was contributed to, but not my name…. I was at the beginning of finding Margie…

By the time we returned to the U.S., the Air Force said I had Paget’s disease… not a nice illness either… so they shipped us back to the U.S. to be stationed near a specialist… that doc took one look at me and said, “Paget’s is not what you have, and I don’t know what you have, but Paget’s is not it”… and he dismissed me… that was 1988….

By 92… I was working for USDA an took my divorce and job transfer and went to Washington state… where I met my hubby of 25 years… boy was he in for one bumpy ride… and it ain’t over yet….

By that time, I took the psych testing at Spokane VA, Wentachee Social Security, Arkansas, VA, El Paso VA… I know there are a couple more, but not at the front of my memory right now… El Paso was the last time I took the test in 2010….it’s results…..

“Above average intelligence and suffering from PTSD due to illness”….. the doc was good, he would have helped lots of vets… but was murdered by a patient a couple years later….. same results the others got on their testing of me, except the Air Force when they pushed me out… theirs was made up….in other words they lied… medical malpractice at it’s best…now you get how I beat the system… I proved the Air Force lied…. you can’t cheat on these tests… its just that straight forward….

By this time I had stood in Freda’s kitchen and told her I was missing memory… I was aware of my memory ability… I just never associated it with Edetic or Photographic… even though for decades, people called me a walking encyclopedia…. now they just google, instead of asking me…. true story….

When the shooting happened in Texas on 11/5/2017… a couple days later I tell hubby the story of the nightmare I had been having since I was a kid…. and the rest as they say…. 2 years later…..

Is truly history…..

We have had lots of ups and downs over the last 3 years…. and every day, something that happens that would have gotten a ballistic type reaction…. is 360 from that perspective….

The knowledge of what happened to me… is allowing the mind to heal… the soul started healing the day it cut the family off…. and when they found out I remembered… they cut me off…. the living is still not talking…. and that’s on them….

The only thing that matters on this journey, is how I have dealt with it and grown…. and I am so glad, I didn’t continue the psych counseling here… it would have delayed my progress, not helped it…. Hubby has been a good sounding board…

You hear in the news the 7 kids locked up and in living in filth… just shows you, our education system is lacking our police are hog tied from doing their job and society just goes….

If it ain’t impacting me… ignore it…. well maybe they pay tax’s an go to church… who knows… but I have seen too many turn a blind eye to abuse…. because of their gods…..

The day is started… headache on the left side of the brain and if I am right… something is going on, and its time for Xrays of that area… the last 3 teeth on the maxillary, may need to come out… need to research this, but if my guess is right… this is associated with the domestic violence and how my body adapted to the damage, not only in the body, but in the face and mouth…. just love violent people who say they are chrisitan….

I Remember… Margie and the day is off……

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