Veterans Administration is no longer paying our doctor bills!?!?!

Wake up call… I got a bill from my primary doctor… they were tired of waiting on the federal government to pay the bills that were accumulating because of all my failed dental work and the impacts on my health that has caused…. so they billed my medicare….. do you blame them????

Trumps tax cut, Trumps wall and Trumps base….

Will cost every American…. Veterans are always the first to feel it…

My doctor’s secretary told me it was for all veterans… so if you were using Tri-west… you are screwed… and if you are using Tri-care… be prepared… and if you are a veteran like me, in the system for 40 years… you have seen this before….

The bills will start to come in…

All because christians want a wall that has not stopped one mass shooting or any drugs that are causing the opiod crisis….

Sgt. USAF DAV…. yea for stupid…..

Medicare is saving my ass on this round of government corruption…one of these days… someone will prove the hookum of religion so well, that the mass hysteria will be one for the ages… as people realize how long and how much they gave up for a con….

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