Hopes, Dreams and Trump and base come along…. #$%^&*

No clue what those symbols mean… someone sends me a text an uses those symbols to imply something and I got no clue… I speak english and I read english… and don’t do either very well… so don’t expect me to understand todays’ kids and their codes… never could do pig latin either… that is what happens when christians beat your body and damage your brain…. and my sense of humor… oh dear, warped, twisted, conservative and no problem telling ya, your jokes are racist…. and the day has started in earnest and not one sound from Trump and his corrupt base… and I tell ya, KellyAnn, her voice, makes my head hurt… Trump just makes me want to hurl and Mcconnel… well he just reminds me of every man that raped me…..

Adjusting to the fact… that for the next 2 years, if my guess is right… we will be living here, while they implant bone, let it heal, implant more bone, let it heal and implant the posts is what I call them, the anchors for the porcelan replacement teeth…. and go back and see another doctor to have said porcelan crowns installed, and we are done… okay, there is no we…. in this mess… this is little ole me…. who’s depression the last couple of months are thanks to the Veterans Administration and their incompetence and negligent health care…. and people really wonder why vets commit suicide??? Really???

Today, no noise from the fearless rapist running our nation… the more I learn about my ancestry and how connected to the founding of this nation… the more pissed I should be… but….. I know that our founders protected us from crooks and religious zealots…. we have been here before and survived… we will again….

And just maybe, religion will be treated for what it really is… a cash cow….

Sleep is not easy, after yesterdays call… up every couple hours… mind working and thinking… what can I get accomplished for this amount, so when we sell, so we have more to help us with our final home…. always planning… what ya got to do, when you already died… been on that side… fighting to stay on this side…..

Even though the VA has authorized the dental implants and given me options on who does my work…. it doesn’t take away the fact that for 9 years I complained to every dentist about the work in my mouth and pain and most of all… I kept saying… some kind of infection was ongoing….

I was right…. and suffered for 9 years and every doctor including the one I am seeing now, were wrong… and they call this health care in America??? Ya don’t listen to the patient or you let pencil pushers tell you how to treat patients???

Just wow… honestly, just wow…..

The sliding hiatal hernia is on the move… hoping it’s sliding down…. when drinking liquids triggers the spasms… it’s up high and a stomach up high, means less food you can eat… this is so not fun… but it is a by product of the domestic violence at the hands of christians…. I don’t call them parents… they gave up their humanity for a god that doesn’t exist, so they could feel good about beating me to death…. so nope… they are just christians, devoid of humanity…. which is a shame… because we are first and foremost….

Human… at least some of us are…..

Sgt. USAF DAV I Remember… Margie…..

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