Who’s Screwing with the Internet???

Trying to do work… and not getting anyplace with most sites I am hitting….

Tried to do twitter this morning and got locked out, reset password, requested a text with code and got nothing… but 4 hours of being blocked from Twitter… so much for Freedom of Speech… guess that only applies to christians an republicans….

Tired of watching and listening to the impeachment… the GOP treat Americans like they are sitting in a church and need to be instructed on how to wipe their own ass…. jeez…..

Democrats… are just having a field day…..

Trump was beyond pissed when he headed for the flight…. and that was sweeeeeeeeeeeeet!!!

So who ever doesn’t like my words… they are blocking them just like Face Book did…

Sure they are American and believe in the constitution… bet they are hoping Trump gets re-elected so they can continue to suppress the truth… go figure on that one…

As for the internet… something is happening… I expect twitter just got freaked over all the tweets yesterday and got nosey suspcious, what ever and it will clear by end of day… if it doesn’t… Censorship at its best, which is what the corrupt christians intend… Salem Witch Trials ended in deaths… Trump is throwing America under the bus, so christians can tell women what they can or can’t do with thier own bodies… slavery alive and well in America….

Have a feeling what we went through in 2016, which resulted in everyone going to VPN’s….. is happening again… someone figured out how to interrupt us again and change the feed to where ever on the dark web….

Oh well… I may just have to set up a new twitter…..

Beautiful day on Hawaii, sun shining, rain off and on… sound of birds and occasional traffic…. nice when it’s this quiet and our TV is off till later today…. we are burned out on the rhetoric and mostly… the republicans thinking we are as stupid as them and as corrupt….

Sgt. USAF DAV I Remember… Margie…

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