Ankylosing Spondylitis is Neuro???

Standing their and folding the nice warm laundry and it hit me… but not in that way….

Dr… said I had to see neuro for this condition…. and that’s not what hit me…

What hit me… When did I see neuro??? and Where????

I have a feeling it was El Paso VA… they had a habit of not contacting you and after a while I had zero tolerance for any of those federal employees and just wouldn’t talk to them… had enough abuse by them….

So, not knowing, nothing new….

When I found this information in my VA medical records, I didn’t bother to look it up, to find out exactly what it meant, I figured it was Ortho… guessed wrong…… I just asked for PT, so I could learn how to live with what ever it is….

Wellllllll, I read about it… holy crap on a cracker… I wish I had known… the one symptom that gets me, the buttocks and the issues with the pain… something I have dealt with since Texas… when Margie died…. to this day, I can not sit flat on my ass, I have to tilt side to side, which in it’s self created problems… and of course the conclusion….

Domestic Violence… I have had this spondylitis, since my parents killed me in Texas… and I still did basic training!!! Do you have a clue how many men wash out of basic… but this kid, with seizures, strokes, severe brain injury and this spondylitis crap…. and men say women are weak…let them give birth if they are so great!!!.

Maybe now you’ll get why I am at war with christians who try to silence women like me… and they are still at it… my other twitter page… got a feeling I got a 2 month block like Bolton did… really sad a citizen can’t exercise free speech…. nothing new on that front… if christians were so squeaky clean??? Why so much rape and theft?????

Sgt. USAF DAV I Remember… Margie….

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