When all you want to do is see…..

Busy as usual, who isn’t anymore??? and the phone rings… the eye clinic got my eye glasses in…. so we dropped everything and headed into town… 2 hours later… I can see and I still want to puke my guts out… some, okay, sort of…

Only bi-focals now… no Tri-focals… will never do them again…

I have never been able to wear my glasses when working on the computer or reading… been over 30 years since that issue started and no one could tell what was wrong with my vision and just to young for cataracts… yada, yada, yawn…..

I got exactly what I needed in these lens…. and so far, so good… got them on now and never wore glass’s, when on the computer…. just Ipad or Iphone, more of magnify with those…

I still have the halo effect… and that is from the implanted len’s they put in and that, I’ll just have to get used too… it doesn’t do it all the time, but enough to be noticeable….

It’s nice to be able to see clearly again… will donate my old pairs to Lions Club…..

Lots for me to do… home made pizza and I got cheese and stuff to grate up… get the pumpkin bread made, fill the house with the smell of holidays….

It’s been nearly 20 years, since we left the county…. we are so looking forward to going home….

I find out next week, how long the implants will take and we can start planning….

Have a safe and content holiday…. You woke up again……

I Remember… Margie….

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