Can't Recommend this Site…

Honest… I have had to sign in over 50 times this year alone and I never signed out of my account or closed it or logged out!!!!

I figure it’s censorship…

It happened on face book, they shut down Adorable Spites page and my private page…. and I said nothing different on Twitter, that I didn’t say on face book… so that tells you Face Book is a Christian Platform to convert you into believing that you need a god to tell you the difference from right or wrong… go for it and give your money to make someone richer and you poorer… matryr’s are a dime a dozen and stupid is as stupid does……

What I planned to write about gone… as usual… if I don’t grab the thought or use the other application I have for writing the thought is gone, until it comes full circle in my review of the day and my thoughts….

Writing can be uplifting and it can be degrading…. when you have humans who think they are gods and decide what others should think or believe….

You can’t fix stupid, stupid has to want to fix it’s self…. just a FYI… the new Ipad I bought last christmas, will not open this application… it just stares back at you when you touch the app and closes it’s self… nope can’t recommend this site… Ipad worked until the update this week….

I Remember… Margie…

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