Do you Remember the Sears Toy Catalog, Thanksgiving day parade… before we became divided by Trump???How long will you stay silent Mr. Bolton???

Woke this morning and started looking for a channel on Dish that had the parade… what we ended up with here on Hawaii… CBS and some kids, who just wouldn’t shut up and do just the parade… now we are watching “UnEarthed” on the science channel …. very disappointing tradition is gone….

CNN and ABC & CBS news and local Fox news… we are ignoring you today…

We are tired of being told what we think, how we feel and how we should look at this mess, that the political morons we elected created….

We are tired of hearing of shootings and how much our guns have become weapons of mass destruction… nothing about protection, just weapons of mass destruction…

We are tired of hearing about families being seperated at the border, for no reason, than to appease the christians that have corrupt our democracy…. this behavior by christians is 100% typical and self entitled behavior… not earned…

We are tired of hearing about the wars we started and deserted our allies, which we have not done before, christians got involved with our democracy….

We are tired of our people dying from drug over doses that our own pharmacy created by manufacturing and promoting the drug… which has nothing to do with immigrants… our own American companies posioned us….

We are tired of watching our military be under prepared, under supplied and under paid and over taxed, when we give our lives so that all the yahoos above can continue to abuse the democracy so many died for…

Mr. Bolton… you could end all this right now, and these traitors would be removed from office and loss of lives would be for reasons other than what I mentioned….

As a veteran… I have fought for the benefits I earned…. I am still fighting…. None of this should be happening if their were morals, ethics, integrity, and values in Washington DC… there are not…. or we wouldn’t be in this mess….

Sgt. USAF DAV I Remember a day, when America’s greatness was not tarnished… not so with Trump and the GOP letting religion corrupt our democracy….

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