Lets do the "Head Fake" what I'm thankful for….

Told hubby I wanted to be able to write in a satirical format like Will Rogers… his sense of humor was dry and caustic….. but dead on, were his political views… seems sad, that we are back to those days again….

So are you thankful this holiday??? My native American family celebrated the day, just like you… so did all of the family, yada, yada… yawn a day off to over eat, play, get into dumb arguments and smile and laugh…. and do it all over again with the left overs….

Today, in our little area of Hawaii… it was quiet, off an on clouds, wonderful cool breezes off the ocean… and occasional crash of waves upon the cliffs…. the sound of birds… all in all not a bad day here…

Hubby walking the pups, me, taking a pain pill… eating has turned into a time of pain…

So what am I thankful for???

Getting my meories back and seeing a new memory… one that hadn’t been opened since it was made… so I have hope about this amnesia… thankful the VA is finally taking care of my dental health, even though I was rated 100% in 1998 and permanent in 2004… I have had to fight tooth…lol and nail for my care… but us women, we are hysterical… NOT MAD!!!! and I’m thankful that I am getting the medical answers to questions I have been asking since my military time…. 40 years of questions…. medicare is paying, not VA😡…

And lastly… I’m thankful, hubby decided to face his demon and work on it, before we move home… because it’s no fun to mess with your kids, when you don’t have a cohort in crime….. and oh yes we are planning scenarios to embarass them to no end… and they know it’s coming…got ya curious huh…lol, we are bad parents and granparents… that’s why they call us the fun ones….you just never forget being around us… True Story….always leave them smiling and wondering what’s next…..

Happy Thanksgiving and Indigenous Day….

Sgt. USAF DAV I Remember… Margie….

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