Amnesia and being comfortable in your own skin… but is it???

After my near death, heart stopped type thing at 13, after being beaten by the parents… I lost time, and from the past 2 years of this journey to remember… it works out to be about 9 months… and I know that, because I woke up when Freda’s mother died… never seen her cry over anything… but she did for a woman we didn’t know…. and that was when Margie knew something was wrong… what happened to the holidays and all the shots we got, to be shipped off to Japan… what happen to those memories…

The brain was in healing mode, when we got to Japan and about a year after the folks killed me… I pissed off mommy dearest and my sister and another beating on me, altered the family for the rest of our time on Japan…. but it was a death nail to my memories… I had another stroke and Freda knew it and kept me hidden at home, because Don’s military job was more important than my health… it always was…. so my body tells the doctors today, medical records… I have them… and they tell a huge story of incompetence by military and VA doctors….

Doctors asked questions for decades and for decades I asked Freda… until asking meant the same answer….”Nothing happened to you as a child, except childhood illness”…. per Freda, mommy dearest… yet on my brain was a stroke and along with that stroke was some brain damage and lots of blood stain on my brain….

How many strokes I had from the age of 5 to 18… if my symptoms I remember are accurate… at least 5, possibly more… 1 for sure was in Texas, another on Japan and another on Okinawa… 1 in Kansas and 1 in Alabama… and Alabama… I lost time again… a whole year…. because they strangled me… oxygen deprived the brain… and another bleed….

When the beating on Japan happened… I was in survival mode… I had no one in the household to turn too… my sister was full blown involved… her hand prints are in the picture… that was Alabama…. the secrets an the lengths they went to, so they could have the lives they wanted… and throw me away and they did… because I asked… in 2010… I stood in her kitchen and asked, but their god will forgive them.. to bad that is 100% mental….

My tenacious drive to learn psychology and neurology, got me my answers and the doctors here on Hawaii have confirmed my own diagnosis…. the VA and military never got one right… not one…

So, not only have I fought to regain my memories… I’ve had to fight a body, that was never mine….

it was never Adorable’s body….

It was always Margies… and she is remembering…..

Sgt. USAF DAV I Remember… Margie….

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