VA Death Care is getting worse… no 2nd Opinions???

Running around today, doing some shopping, getting out more and picked up the mail… a letter from Tri-west telling me what limited rights I have as a U. S. Citizen, Natural Born and Bred on American Soil since before the 1600’s… but these federal employees and contractors are going to tell me what my limitations are concerning my health care and 2nd opinions is one they limited….

Ya know, for over 40 years I said that it was a conspiracy to keep me from my dependent medical records and I didn’t have a clue why I said that, until the doctor on Hawaii ordered a MRI & MRA….

Come to find out… my own government covered up my death and much more… and now they are telling this 100% Disabled Service Connected Veteran, that If I want a 2nd opinion and they don’t agree… to bad… some tough love and death is around the corner…. Now I get why the kid working for my doctor was so happy when I told him, USE MY MEDICARE!!!!!!!

Honestly, we put a uniform on… and more than one man took mine off while in that uniform… No doesn’t mean No in the military and I guess accepting crappy health care you aren’t suppose to say NO….

Well GUESS what Veterans Death Care……

BITE MY WHITE ASS, okay, maybe not so much an ass anymore, but!!!! I am using Medicare, so you can’t make me a statistic and put me 6 feet under like you did millions of other veterans!!!!!!

Logically it makes sense to stay on Hawaii, if this dental surgeon is good… he’s a civilian and I don’t have to use the VA on Oahu…. and that in it’s self… makes staying put, till the VA does my implants via civilian health care….

As for the medical side of my health care… Medicare has no restrictions on 2nd opinions or anything else, within reason… not so with the VA… They are trying to save money, because of Trumps rich man tax cut… Last time our government did this kind of crap…. our military numbers went way down and our deaths among active duty went up…. greed over humans… religion over nation….

Some day these yahoos will wake up, but I have my doubts…

Sgt. USAF DAV I Remember… Margie… and VA you can go fuck yourself any day of the week as the most corrupt federal agency I have ever dealt with in my 42 years as a veteran!!!

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