34 TBI Servicemen

Want to know what hell is… ask those 34 military members with new TBI…

I have lived with TBI since childhood, served my country and have been discriminated against because how TBI changes you….

Not in days, weeks or months…but years after TBI you are changing in the brain an it takes you on a ride in life like no other an it can destroy you or you can try an destroy it….

TBI is life altering for all that christian Trump mouths….

TBI is life altering….

60 years I have walked with multiple TBIs an one severe head closed TBI…. life has been a journey in discrimination an bigotry by those that caused said injuries… Christians like Trump… above the law an still destroying lives…

Now they are your sons and daughters lives …. is it worth controlling women in America, to sell our democracy for slavery of women’s reproductive rights????

Your voice is your vote…. Democracy or a life under corrupt christian law????


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