I'm over the house of pain….

You got me on this one… but I call in my pain perscription…. and it’s only been a month since I called in my inhaler refill and I was surprised the automated system asked to verify the phone number, after it told me what they had… and I had no clue where the number came from they repeated to me………. now explain how a federal data base got changed, and can only be changed via social security number???? Remember told ya I have had monitoring since El Paso VA gave out my social number….. and that’s where I had a stroke in 2011 on their operating table…. paranoia or ???? Only way to change that phone number…. by my social security number…. and that tells me…. Federal employee….. why???? Because Oahu VA has been trying to reach me……. wow, Trumps poison has spread like a cancer……

So Oahu is saying yes to the implants, but it’s a little more complicated, so, we’ll wait till the doctor finish’s her evaluation and talks with the doctors that do the approval process…. 100% DAV and still feel like I’m wearing a uniform and waiting for command gods to do their jobs….

I’m terrified to have this done… I have a bad feeling, something about it isn’t right for me, I just don’t know… ultimately, it’s up to me and right now… I don’t have enough info to make an informed decision….

Looks like Hawaii is home for another 18 months or longer….

Sgt. USAF DAV I Remember…..

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