Neuropathy is invasive….

It’s funny as I come out of this moment in time, remembering the last 30 years…. some memories have made it home… some come waltzing in, when we are out doing our morning walk and sometimes… they float in on a dream….

Regardless, these strokes are what take from my memories… or at least they cloud the issue… but according to my kids and family…. I deserve what the christians did to a childs body… you can’t fix stupid and I give up trying…

As for the neuropathy, yesterday was a wake up call… by the time we got home and unloaded…. fixed dinner, and cleaned up…. it was evening and as I sat in the recliner, I noticed how tight and stiff my legs and feet were…. and with no energy left, I did the few exercises I could, that would losen those areas that had gone tits up on me during the day and what all this told me….

Posture…. I used crappy posture yesterday, while out shopping and while in the vehicle and we have a toyota 4runner, only a year old…. so not uncomfortable….

That caused the herniated C5-6 area to put pressure on the nerve and I didn’t do what I should have…. my exercising is not far enough to keep this from happening, in just one day…. I need to do more…..

It’s frustrating… it’s annoying and it’s a warning of what is to come, if I don’t push myself harder to get better results out of the exercises….. I really do hate exercising… but last night was a reminder, If I want to be able to wipe my own ass…. I need to do more…..

I could push for more PT, but what good will that do, if I’m not doing more at home…. so push myself and try…

The neuropathy in my face and skull is bothersome and makes me question the tolerance my body may or may not have for dental implants… so I will ask the surgeon specific questions… him I trust, he’s extracted all the work that failed and did a good job and was gentle… though the same work, men want knocked out… and that I got from the surgeons own mouth… so, yea, he’ll do a good job… but the numbness and tingling and other issues I have, make me wonder will that get worse???

Day started, last of our shopping to do as we watch the virus hit harder… been there on Japan during that and was in New Mexico with the H1N1 outbreak and deaths…. I’m stocking up, so our time out and about is as needed only…. that is how you survive the morons who don’t get flu shots… like our kids… and they want us to live near them… Why??? they don’t get the flu shot??? So why put our selves at risk???

Off to shop…. before the rain pounds us….

Stay safe, wash your hands, cover your cough and stay home if you feel ill… just that simple… but hey were human and it’s reasonably obvious, some of us aren’t all that smart… hope Trump gets it…. just saying… would be nice if Mcconell or Graham got it or Jordan and Meadows…. just a few of my lease favorite humans….

Sgt. USAF DAV hoping for the best and expecting what ever life decides….

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