Have ya noticed???

Barr is as lousy a liar as Trump, Pence, Graham, Mcconnel to name a few…

Remember these yahoos are christians, an lying, raping, stealing, cheating an murder is the norm for humans who convert to religion an humanity is what they walk on….

Your voice your vote or admit it, you want to enslave women??? Which is it????


Road trip

mauna kea with snow Hawaii island
mauna loa with snow

Short road trip to Kona…

Was that You???

Was what hubby asked yesterday, when he heard a loud cracking sound, like something broke, ya know, like a bone breaking in half….

I turned, stunned and looked at him and said, you heard that???

It’s a sound all too familiar to me… I’ve heard it since Japan, circa 1968, when I pissed off mommy an sister dearest and the man beat upon a 100 pound 14 yr old female… the same one he killed a year earlier… he attempted to do it again and almost succeeded….

When Don grabbed me, so he could beat me, for saying words that were true… they didn’t expect me to herniate C5 & 6… nope, they thought, beat her into submission, so she does what we want… instead…. they caused a stroke and injured my neck….

And that cracking sound hubby heard yesterday, was a reminder of that beating on Japan over 50 years ago….

That sound has been with me, ever since… and it happens when I get the neck in the right position….and the disc pops back into place… if they did a MRI right now… that’s what they would find… the disc back in place….

Now, you go through basic training with that disc out of place… it’s what caused me to nearly fail the final at the obastale course…. American Ninja could have taken lessons back in the day….

Regardless, I was shocked that my hubby heard it happen, when the disc went back into place… now if I can just keep it there….

The exercises to strengthen the neck is what is helping…. the back exercises are taking stress off the neck and I’m hoping, that the strength on my left side starts to improve, now that the discs are off the nerve in my spine….

It can slip out just as easy as it slipped back into place yesterday… it’s all about, not doing lots of things that can cause it to slip out….. It also took pressure off the mandible, max and lower…. so, yea, it’s feeling good right now….

But like I said… it can slip out again, at any time and one of these days it will be deadly…. I’ve known that since I was in the military….

I just simply lost those memories after the strokes in 86 and 2011…. VA and the Air Force both let me down…. now it’s up to me, to make sure, if a stroke happens again…

I have a way to get back home…..

Thinking of running to the other side of the island and talked ourselves out of it…. think we’ll stay home and watch the weather roll in….

Time to go get busy…..

Sgt. USAF DAV I remember… Margie…. hope you do too…

U. S. Military, Demoralized by Trump…edited

When you take away the very few things that make being in a war zone like the Stars an Stripes or Armed forces radio an television, you are micromanaging the military for personal purposes an not for the protection of the nation… those are connections to home an when you can’t have your cell or Ipad, lap top or other devices, these institutions are important to troops…

Just remember….. christians are dismantling our democracy…

Not war, Not communism, not anything, but belief in a white mans god…

Christians are selling out democracy just so they can enslave American women….

Sgt USAF DAV your voice your vote….

At this rate…

Well if the republicans pull this off, well done on corruption….

I was told that states that let you vote for who ever you want, are republicans flooding in too boost Sanders…. WHY???

If they promote Sanders as the nominee, which is not who the real Americans want, but the communist want in office… The republicans will succeed in getting Trump an christians in office for four more years….

Democracy is a illusion that is barely standing on its own two feet because christians keep chopping off the legs of democracy, just so they can tell this woman what she can or can’t do with HER OWN BODY!!!!

I died twice at the hands of christians…. there is no heaven or hell….

Just total an complete silence an darkness…. that is the reality of death…Not the bullshit lies christians an muslims spread…but hey if they died an tell ya different…. how do you know they died??? My MRI results are on this blog, I have my proof, wheres your gods proof????


Dear Sen Shatz…. this is not China…..edited

First off, thank you for getting the VA to do their job here in Hawaii…

The rectocel procedure was identified at El Paso VA back in 2011…. after the Transmesh screw up at Tuscon VA between two surgical procedures done 2008 & 2009….

So thank you for getting that surgery done in Feb 2018…..Queens was awesome an so was the surgeon….

In May 2018, I told dentist, lets request the implants, why??? Because the work Arkansas VA did in 2010 was criminal and needed replacing and the bridge I paid for was failing….. 6 teeth extracted from June 2019 to Oct 2019… all the work I paid for gone, because the VA failed to do their job….

That dental work was complained about from the beginning and I was ignored… until you heard me and I was sent by the Oahu VA to a doctor on the big island… 15 minutes with me and the man knew I was allergic to the material used to make dentures….. I have worn those dentures since the El Paso VA made them circa 2010/2011 and I complained of issues and was ignroed by the VA doctors….

Now I sit with dentures in my mouth that sting the minute they come in contact with my mouth…. thus the write today….

I asked for help in 2010 at the Arkansas VA an was ignored…. I asked for help at the El Paso VA an was ignored…. I asked for help at the Hilo VA and was ignored….

When do federal employees get held accountable????

And why am I sitting here, at home, no documentation or paperwork that tells me the VA is doing their job??? No documentation for travel and have recieved no documentation for any travel to Kona for the multiple extractions…. I paid for THAT TRAVEL out of my pocket!!!!

Why is a 90% service connected veteran paying for anything out of pocket???…

I gave up on the Tri-west and the VA last summer, when I needed cataract surgery… Instead I used my medicare and dished out of pocket over $1500!!! WHY???

If it isn’t obvious to you senator, but federal employees are not honest, they do not do their jobs and they treat veterans as numbers and not humans with dignity or respect…. but we aren’t suppose to say that because federal employees will take revenge…

Won’t they President Trump????

Sgt. USAF DAV still waiting on paper work from Oahu VA for travel for last year and for upcoming travel and authorizations and treatment plans!!!!

THIS IS NOT CHINA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But someone is changing my phone number in a government database an its not me or hubby, called in prescription an number they quoted have no clue where it came from….. 575-642-6620….. never had this number an no clue who’s it is…. but 2nd time I corrected an this time hubby witnessed me correcting it on the government’s database…..

TBI… 100+ military and their journey is just beginning…. edited my Veteran story….

When you get a TBI, you know you got one…

I didn’t know… I had suspicions … and lots of clues, but not the knowledge to pursue those avenues and the Air Force and VA did more harm than good which begs the question??? Why???

It’s ironic, since I left Japan in 87, I’ve been fighting to find my way back…

After seeing over 50 doctors, specialist in all fields including mental health… all VA & military doctors and none of them got it right….

When the stroke happened at the El Paso VA Nov 2011, on their operating table, that set me back 30 years….. and my childhood, quickly became mixed up in the nightmare the VA created by not telling me what happened in the operating room, nor did they document it… but those two jerks who knocked me out, they know what happened and so do I…..

It changes everything for me… my perspective on my current marriage… my relationship or lack their of with my kids and how I stepped back from friendships that turned toxic….. yep, I catch myself talking out loud, answering the question in my current thoughts… and when I start arguing with myself…. I need a time out… just saying…

What the kids had happen to them because of Trumps stupidity, will affect them the rest of their lives… some in very minor ways, by not liking a certain food or music, that they used to like, some can be more drastic in other ways, by turning your BFF into your worse nightmare, because of your own thought process, which is caused by TBI…. I feel for these kids, their journey is just beginning….

Neurology will help them and most of all the patient has to figure out a way to cope with the changes that will happen… they will question, when no question should be asked… they will feel lost, anger, sorrow, and emptiness…. the brain will mess with them in ways, that the doctors don’t even get yet… but they are trying, the doctors at Walter Reed that is… they are making progress into the unknown… which is why I always tell neurology, you don’t always get it right…. I know….. I’ve lived with TBI my whole life….. add the silent strokes and my brain goes on more holidays than I have…. and that is a true story…

There is hope…. and I hope those young military members use the resources available to them… it won’t be easy and stumbles along the way are to be expected… but I know from experience, our brains are capable of rewiring and adapting to our injuries and to the damage done to the brain…..

Knowledge is power in this journey of recovery from brain injury… and never stopping asking questions, even if they seem off the cuff or out there… ask them…. They may not make sense at the time, but over time that question or questions evolve, if you chose to pursue it and trust in yourself… gods aren’t going to fix this, because if gods exsisted, you wouldn’t be injured right now…. the only one who can make this better….

You… trust in yourself, we all had to crawl in order to walk….

Sgt. USAF DAV I Remember… Margie….

Vetting by corrupt DOJ…

Just remember, you are supporting the corruption of christians in government…

A private attorney is more thorough investigating Ukraine than the department of national security???

Salem Witch Trials via christians, nothing new on that front of corruption….

And you think you are safe by saying you too are christian???

The center does not hold, it never does… Jesus, Hitler, Mussolini are proof of that…

Your voice, your vote…. in America its about corrupt christians who had sex an decided the fetus was not a life form an aborted an they want YOU to be responsible for their guilty pleasures…

You can’t fix stupid, stupid has to decide to be responsible for their choices an after watching Trump an Kavanaugh, do you really see christians taking responsibility for anything they did???

Sgt USAF DAV your voice, your vote….

Watching an waiting…edited

Ever read the Stand by Steven King…. you just might want too….christians are turning our world into a cesspool of corrupt raping religions that go bump in the night…Honest turn a light on an you will see the hazards humans put out to trap you, like man made gods….

It’s interesting watching the implosion of dictatorial china an the damage being done world wide by suppressing the truth…

Christians do not believe in truth…. Egypt has proven beyond a shadow of a doubt the Jews an Romans lied about Mary….

When you can say a woman conceived a child with out a mans sperm, you just made magic….an magic is no different than believing in gods…..neither are real an can be explained… but seriously, do you really believe the BS coming out of Trump an his sinners????or criminals, a misnomer is the word sinner…

Sgt USAF DAV Your voice, your vote…

How is that praying working for you as this virus picks up steam….???

Truth has no value to a dictator or a christian, look at Trump….or China…

Which way did they go???

Turn TV on and it’s like the Nixon tapes all over again… enough already… all the corruption has been by white pasty christian men and women who are so afraid of having sex, they got their twats and balls in a knot…. enough already….

What ever reason the sky is falling, will it have an impact on you and yours??? That is the question I ask…

I can’t save the world, I can’t even save my town… but I can take care of mine and really, that is what survival is about… unless you play god, like the white pasty assholes are doing…. an if so, well that’s just every asshole for themselves… and they will take, to protect that ass………

So far no virus on the island… if it stays that way for another 10 days, we are probably in the clear and the screening measures are working…

We got stationed at March AFB, when Yokota sent us back because of my health… not a bad place to be stuck for quarantine and I stayed at Travis… those people will get better care than those that are being murdered at the border…..

Calculating, learning and reading… exploring my options for these implants… got a feeling, I’m going to have more say than most patients, because of the damage to my face from being beaten by christians….

That may be a good thing, still freaked over this… Every day a challenge to eat, tolerate the burning and stinging that is nonstop from the allergy, the congestion and dry eyes, add in the headaches… yep, this is going to be a long process… as if 10 years isn’t long enough…. typical VA death care….

We are building our equity, so that we can have leverage when we sell… you too can do that, just add an extra $100 to your principal payment monthly… we do about 300 and it drops our mortgage balance about $9500 a year… so well worth it to build quick equity…. plus, it lowers my balance an makes it easier for me to buy a 2nd home, while I still own this one…. when the time is right….

Cold this morning… so cold, turned the heater on… tempted to put electric blanket on the bed…. sun is finally out and warming us up….

PTSD, Neuropathy, Stenosis… a full plate…. an it took threats to get test done and get my answers… that is not health care… and it is just getting worse… Trumps group has no respect for the military, that is very obvious he thinks freedom was gained by his evil and not by our blood……

Every day we wake up is a gift… one we don’t take lightly… hope you have a beautiful day, we are….

Sgt. USAF DAV I remember… Margie….